Introducing localhoster! A Chrome extension for opening localhost in your browser! 12-25-2018

Introducing localhoster - a Chrome extension designed to make it easy to open http://localhost at a specified port.

Have you ever wanted to open http://localhost to view a local server of some sort? Well, this extension makes it eaier to do so. Simply click the l icon from Chrome’s menu, and enter a desired port (or leave it blank) and press enter.

I created this because I got tired of typing in http://localhost:4000 when viewing the Hexo test server. Now I just have to click localhoster, enter 4000 and press enter.


To install, head over to the localhoster page and follow the instructions. Currently I am distributing the extension as a .zip, so you will have to download and extract it, then add it to Chrome manually (again, see the instructions linked prior). I plan to make a Chrome developer account in the future so I can upload extensions to the Webstore for a much more seamless installation process. When I do that, I’ll make a blog post about it!

This extension is also open source - check out and fork my code on Github!


I wrote a smaller article about this on, if you’d like to comment.