Here's a list of projects I've created and am working on

blackboard-theme A fast, vibrant Hexo theme {Github} A very light-weight Hexo theme designed for quick blogging.
bootstrap-theme A theme for Hexo based around Bootstrap {Github} Making use of Bootstrap, this Hexo theme allows for easy configuration, customization, and mobile-compatible sites.
material-theme A Hexo theme based off Google's Material Design {Github} A stylish theme using Google's Material Design layout. Easy to configure with multiple color themes and styles.
simple-theme The most light-weight, simple, minimal-configuration-required Hexo theme {Github} The definition of a simple, readable website.
speedy Internet speedtest {Github} A taskbar applet made with Electron to measure your internet upload and download speeds.
localhoster Open a localserver {Github} A Chrome extensions to open a localserver at a specified port.